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Jual Pistol Angin PCP Steyr LP 10 E Compact

The Air Pistol Model P11 is the perfect addition in the Air-Pisol-Program of Feinwerkbau!

Due to the short sight line length of only 290mm (260mm at model P11 Piccolo), the air pistol model P11 offers a very stable aiming on target and minor trembles can be easily compensated.

The low total weight of 730g (690g on mnodel P11 Piccolo) offers a relaxed training and promises more persistence in competition.

The extremely precise trigger ofers various possibilities of adjustment. If necessary, the sight line can be tilted up to +/- 5° with only a few movements.

A universal use of the model P11 is possible due to the ambidextrous grip made of beech wood – and all for a favorable price!

Since 2014: Ambidextrous grip, adjustable three-dimensionally in size S and M avaiable

Technical Data:

total length ~ 345 mm
total height ~ 135 mm
sight line length 290 mm
sight line height 16 mm (from barrel centre)
barrel length 183 mm
darrel diameter 12 mm
caliber 4,5 / .177
total weight ~ 730 g
grip ambidextrous grip made of beech wood (black)
grip adjustment 10° pivoted/ +/- 3° rotable
trigger weight 500 g
longitudinal trigger adjustment 28mm
front sight 4,2mm (3,4mm, 3,8mm, 4,6mm und 5,0mm available)
propellent charge compressed air

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