Jual Pistol Angin PCP Steyr LP 10 E Compact

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Jual Pistol Angin PCP Steyr LP 10 E Compact

Shorter sighting line:

The sight radius of the LP 10- and LP 50-Compact-models is more variable than the LP 2 Compact: Length of sight radius of LP 10 C is between 266 and 315 mm and the LP 50 C is between 257 and 300 mm. The distance between the rear and front sight is shorter by 50 mm compared to the standard models and shows a mor stable sight picture in relationship to the target. The steadier sight picture will increase confidence in young and old alike and allow them to concentrate on trigger release.

Lighter weight:

The lighter weigth means that the young shooter is able to train for longer periods to perfect strength and technique.

The highest technology in the market has proven its quality!


The enthusiasm of the international STEYR shooters knows no limits. In the year of its launch the precision and reliability of the LP10 E proved to the world it was good for more medals. Also available as a compact-model this pistol will prove to be equally successful.


lp10ecompact silber

This makes the difference in details:

  • Trigger free from wear (training)
  • Trigger pressure constant while releasing the shot
  • Turbulence reduced due to new 8 duct compensator
  • Capacity of approx. 35.000 shots from 2 standard 1,5 V AAA batteries
  • Redesigned housing allows more finger room
  • Multifunctional grip adjustment can be retained by flexible electronic system
  • Proven and patented STEYR stabilizer made out of tungsten alloy (TRIAMET)
  • Individual adjustment within the 500 g trigger pull


lp10e compact schwarz gross vorschau

LP 10 E Compact black with silver compressed air cylinder



  • action type: single-shot pistol for pellets
  • propellant: compressed air
  • calibre: 4,5 mm (.177)
  • length / height / width: 350 / 148 / 50 mm
  • height: 901 g
  • length of sight: 266 – 315 mm
  • front sight: moveable blade (4,5 mm)
  • rear sight: rear sight 2 – 6 mm variable, depth 1 – 3 mm
  • trigger pull: 500 g
  • trigger settings: first stage length & weight, second stage weight, trigger stop
  • trigger blade adjustable: in all directions

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