Air Rifles Brocock Bantam Sniper HR .22

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As the flagship of Brocock’s innovative semi-bullpup range, the Bantam offers the perfect platform for us to push the boundaries of PCP air rifle design ever further – and the new Sniper HR model reflects our ambitions at the very heart of the Bantam’s recoil-free action.

The Bantam Sniper HR incorporates a highly-advanced regulator system, developed in partnership with the internationally renowned Dutch ‘reg’ specialist, Huma. When paired with the Bantam’s patented Slingshot Hammer valve system, this technological advance precisely meters the air release to totally eradicate the usual ‘power curve’ that un-regulated PCPs suffer from. Measured air control ensures minimal shot-to-shot deviation as the rifle cycles through its usable air charge, not only improving downrange accuracy, but returning an even higher number of shots from each fill-up – a big bonus for those who opt for the rifle in its high-power formats.

Of course, the Bantam Sniper HR gives up none of the features that won so many plaudits for our slick-handling Bantam PCP from the outset. Our new regulated model retains an on-the-fly Hi-Lo power adjuster, removable 10-shot magazine, choked Lothar Walther barrel with integral shrouded silencer and match-like adjustable trigger – and it can be configured with a variety of bottle, stock and power options across three calibres. But with a Huma Regulator beating at the heart of its semi-bullpup action, we’re confident the Bantam Sniper HR sets yet another new benchmark in PCP airgun design.

  • Precision Huma Regulator
  • Twin manometer display (bottle pressure and regulator pressure)
  • Full length shrouded barrel with integral baffled silencer with adapter for optional second stage silencer.
  • Synthetic ambidextrous stock
  • Adjustable butt pad
  • Ten shot removable magazine
  • Two stage trigger with resettable safety catch


Overall Length 34.6″
Barrel 18″ Lothar Walther -Choked/Crowned
Weight 7lbs
Magazine 10 shot capacity
Trigger 2 stage
Regulator Precision Huma

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