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The Daystate Tsar has been designed in conjunction with ATAMAN Arms, a Russian company who produce a range of high quality air rifles for the demanding shooters of today.

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The Daystate Tsar has been designed in conjunction with ATAMAN Arms, a Russian company who produce a range of high quality air rifles for the demanding shooters of today.

The Tsar incorporates a very advanced trigger system which has 5 levels of adjustment on a multi sear system for complete control. This system is then connected to a multi adjustable trigger blade for the best in comfort when pulling the trigger. The breech is made from one piece of metal which is CNC machined, and the side lever cocking is smooth and precise. A dry fire system also helps to practice trigger control and easily tune to your specification without wasting pellets.

The barrel is a Lowther Walther, Match Grade stainless steel unit for the best in accuracy and longevity. The stainless metal also helps maintain its appearance much better over time as it doesn’t rust as near as easily as standard steel does.

The stock has been designed to be as simple as possible to minimise weight, whilst still providing outstanding ergonomics. The grip is adjustable and anatomically shaped, with a long forend rail for perfect balancing. The complete stock is made from Blue Laminate which goes well with the Blue Anodizing to the breech. The multi position butt hook is also included as pictured.

The cheekpiece can be quickly adjusted, as can the butt pad, and palm rest to minimise time adjusting, and more time winning competitions. On the underside of the forestock is an accessory rail for the fitting of additional accessories.


Overall Length: 1070mm
Barrel Length: 460 mm
Cylinder Capacity — cc
Weight (unscoped): 4.5 kg
Available Calibres: 0.177 (4.5 mm)
Loading: Via sidelever
Capacity: Single-shot
Fill Pressure: Up to 220 BAR
Power / Shots Per Charge: 0.177 140 shots @ 12 ft/lbs
Trigger: Multi sear, five level adjustment with dry firing system
Stock: Laminate multi adjustable

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