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The HW 100 allows the use of interchangeable air tanks, it is designed for this, with which you can have more than one pre-loaded compressed air tank for your rifle and change them according to needs, this is very useful for country excursions, hunting, etc. . we can sell you as many extra deposits as you need. Ambidextrous laminated wood Thumbhole stock with height-adjustable cheek piece and rear butt plate. Possibility of mounting single shot magazine for competition.Very smooth and reliable side lever latch system. The HW 100 mounts a pellet speed regulator to achieve excellent shooting constancy. The rifle is supplied with a decorative muzzle to cover the front thread of the barrel for the external suppressor if it is not mounted. The Weihrauch HW 100 carbine is one of the most successful weapons on the market, its shape changes little over time, its mechanics change little over time, and its reliability also changes little, it is always the same, in all models manufactured by Weihrauch, because its reliability is very high, it is a classic German weapon, it has everything you need and it is well worn, few failures, few breakdowns, few problems and if there are problems we have a perfect assistance service in the factory itself , this is perfect. High-quality products need few innovations, they are ahead of the novelties, that is a constant. With a Weihrauch HW 100 cal carbine. 4.5 mm. at 24 joules of energy, clusters can be made within the center circle of the ISSF precision target (2.5 cm diameter) up to 50 meters away. This carbine is special for competition shooting in the Bench Rest modalities with air rifle at 25 meters and Field Target (variable distances between 10 and 50 meters), its price is contained as in all Weihrauch weapons but its quality is up to par. height of any High Competition weapon even those of much higher price. Weihrauch manufactures with foolproof quality, total reliability, absolute precision, and outstanding durability. SPESIFIKASI
  • Length : 1070mm
  • Barrel length : 600mm
  • Cylinder capacity : 0.175 liters (175 cc)
  • Weight (without sight) : 3.9 Kg
  • Available gauges : 4.5 and 5.5 mm
  • Loading system: Side lever
  • Magazine capacity: 16 or 12 shots depending on caliber
  • Filling pressure : 200 BAR
  • Trigger : Adjustable
  • Safety : Manual action insurance
  • Stock : Thumbhole type made of walnut wood.
  • Aiming system: 11 mm guide to mount optical viewfinder

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